BetterCloud provides critical insights, automated management, and intelligent data security for cloud office platforms.

Our Products
BetterCloud for Google Apps

Prevent data loss and gain much more with tools for Google Apps.

BetterCloud for Office 365 [Beta]

Gain powerful monitoring, alerting, and insights for Office 365.

BetterCloud Editions

We offers 3 product editions, each providing a different range of functionality:

  • Basic (free) – A comprehensive monitoring and insights dashboard. Surface critical data and performance optimizations with the Domain Health and Insight Center™.
  • Pro ($1 / user / month) – A complete set of administration tools, workflows, and reporting engine designed specifically for every step of the user lifecycle.
  • Enterprise ($2 / user / month) – BetterCloud’s full feature set: Pro features plus real-time DLP, auditing, and compliance policies across core business applications