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  • SME Package USD50/year
    SME Package USD50/yyear Enter Promocode: CLOUD2013 for discount

    No hidden cost.15days money-back guaranteed. Flat fee USD50/year
    Email 30GB, Free Cloud Storage 5GB,15-way video conference
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Upgrade your Phone system

Legacy Migration

Upgrade to Unified Communications

Regardless of make or model, Esna can migrate and upgrade your end of life or legacy voicemail platform with a SIP-based application solution to drive communication and collaboration without any changes to your existing phone system.

Esna’s Officelinx can be deployed in your existing virtual environment and replace your dedicated servers and end of life technology in voice messaging, auto attendant, IVR, fax and call trees with one single licensed solution.  Esna provides a seamless migration path from legacy systems to the robust Officelinx platform, enabling you to flatten, consolidate and simplify your messaging infrastructure.

With Officelinx you can:

  • Easily migrate users all at once or in phases with minimal disruption
  • Migrate your existing greetings and messages
  • Replicate your Telephone User Interface (TUI) using a drag-and-drop emulator and configure the TUI system wide, by organizational unit or individual user


Esna offers generous trade-in credits and provides a highly experienced team of global Esna Partners, exclusively focused on messaging migration.

Upgrade to Full Unified Communications

Officelinx is a cloud-enabled communication and collaboration platform that integrates real-time communication services such as voice, instant messaging, chat, presence and mobility with business applications from Google, Salesforce.com, VMware, Microsoft and others.  With Officelinx your organization can upgrade your voicemail system and deploy a complete suite of unified communication without a huge learning curve or infrastructure investment.

Officelinx interoperates with any voice, mobile and PBX system and works on desktop and mobile devices.  With Officelinx your users choose how they connect, communicate and collaborate with others using the applications and devices of their choice.

Key Features:

  • One Inbox: Access and manage voice messages and faxes in the same inbox as email.  Voice messages are both transcribed and converted to MP3s.  Reading or deleting messages extinguishes the message waiting indicator (MWI) on the deskphone.
  • Integrated Fax: Send and receive faxes right from your inbox or smartphone.  Faxes can be automatically sent and organized in Google Docs and Google Drive.
  • Rich Presence: Easily see when people are on or off the phone and if they are free or busy.  Officelinx pulls presence off the PBX as well as from Google Calendar.
  • Click-to-Dial: “Click” on any number or extension and place calls right from an email or on any page inside a Chrome browser.  Calls are sent to any phone including mobile devices.
  • Find Me / Follow Me:  Use a single unified number that calls the right phone regardless of your location.
  • Follow Your Calendar: Greet callers and route calls to different devices or voicemail based on your free/busy status in your calendar.
  • Complete Mobility: Integrate your smartphone with your company’s phone system or PBX and manage mobile calls as if you are in the office.  Place callers on hold, transfer calls, send calls to voicemail and take calls out of voicemail all from your mobile device.
  • Location Awareness: Use your smartphone’s GPS to route calls to different devices based on your physical location.
  • Fixed-to-Mobile Convergence (FMC): Seamlessly move calls from one phone to the other.  Begin a call on your mobile phone and move it to your desk phone without interrupting the call.
  • Speech Enabled: Navigate your email, calendar and contacts using just speech.  You can even have emails read to you over phone.
  • Auto Attendant and IVR: Use a speech-enabled auto attendant that can greet callers in different languages, route calls and retrieve information.  Callers dial one number and simply speak the name of the person they want to reach.
  • High Availability: Distributed architecture over multiple servers ensures true active redundancy, massive scalability and disaster recovery.  Leverages VMware vSphere to ensure scalable and always available UC services.
  • Massive Scalability and Flexibility: Officelinx scales up to 900 ports and 9 voice servers and can be implemented as SIP to SIP trunks and extensions, or SIP to TDM gateways.
  • Broad Interoperability: Officelinx is PBX independent and integrates with over 250 traditional and IP-based phone systems individually or at the same time.

Communication and Collaboration Solutions

Better collaboration leads to better results

Collaboration fosters innovation, improves productivity and helps to achieve goals and produce results. Regardless of how you communicate—over the phone, by email, on video, through social posts or IM, Esna’s solutions give you the freedom to choose how, when and where you connect and collaborate with your peers, partners and customers.

OfficelinxEsna Officelinx™

Officelinx™ 9.0 is a cloud-enabled communication and collaboration platform that integrates live, real-time communication services inside business applications on desktop and mobile devices.

Officelinx MobileEsna Officelinx™ Mobile

Collaborate in real time on any Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry smartphone or tablet. Officelinx Mobile ensures that you have the same unified communication services and call control capabilities even when you’re out of the office.

CloudlinkEsna Cloudlink™

Cloudlink integrates on-premise Unified Communications with cloud-based business applications like Google™ Apps, Salesforce.com and VMware® Zimbra, transforming these applications into powerful communication hubs.

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