Amazon Web Services

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G-AsiaPacific started as a Consulting Partner for AWS in 2013. Over the years, we grew to being a Channel Reseller and Managed Services partner, and recently became AWS Malaysia Advanced Consulting Partner.

Our certified AWS Solution Architects help to analyze your needs and current business growth to determine the solution best suited for your company. We provide deployment services, modernizing applications, data migrations and many more. Hence get in touch with us today to learn more about the best AWS solution package designed for your company.



E-Commerce website traffic can fluctuate a great deal; from minimum business transaction at 3am to traffic peaking during cyber sales season. G-AsiaPacific architects your solution so you maximise your IT investment ROI by paying for only what you use.

Website Scalability

Whether your applications experience high variability in usage or have stable demand patterns, G-AsiaPacific helps to maintain your application availability while overcoming the limitations of physical servers with AWS Auto-Scaling feature.


Disaster Recovery

Be prepared, never fret! AWS Disaster Recovery services give you the power of rapid recovery of your IT infrastructure and data without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site.


Offsite backup solutions can cost plenty, not to mention advance capacity planning and purchase. With AWS Storage, overprovisioning is no longer needed whether it is for databases, branch offices or media content.


Lift and Shift

We know starting something new can be a daunting experience, that’s why with G-AsiaPacific and the support of the AWS Malaysia team, we are with you each step of the way. After coming up with a game plan, we modernize your application environment to be cloud ready, then providing near to 0 downtime in migration.

Managed Services

G-AsiaPacific continues to provide assistance and post-deployment services to our clients. We maintain the infrastructure resources as well as providing SysOps services for smooth running and hassle-free, allowing your company to focus on your core business. With G-AsiaPacific, we absorb the AWS Business Support cost with your account parked under us.

Our Qualifications

AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional
AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate
AWS Certified Solution Architect Administrator