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Case Study:
KSK Group

KSK Group, a multinational corporation, embarked on a cloud migration journey to AWS in 2021, utilizing G-AsiaPacific’s assistance, and successfully replatformed their applications, implemented CloudEndure Disaster Recovery, optimized resource allocation, reduced costs, and fostered a culture of experimentation and innovation within their team.

The Challenge

Founded in 1991
, KSK Group is a diversified multinational corporation with a strong market position in insurance and real estate, emphasizing sustainable practices and contributing to global development. The company needed to replatform their applications to meet the business operationalization requirements which also includes having a disaster recovery solution in place that matches their expected RPO and RTO. KSK made the decision to migrate some of their existing workloads to AWS cloud to take advantage of the native offerings such as CloudEndure Disaster Recovery and also the scalable properties of cloud such as being able to scale up their compute resources based on demand and scale down to lower the costs when necessary.

Solutions from G-AsiaPacific

KSK leveraged on G-AsiaPacific to migrate some of their workloads to AWS. The first step was to ensure some of their applications were successfully migrated to
EC2. This has allowed them to immediately optimize their resources and costs. The second step was to implement Cloudendure Disaster Recovery solution into their infrastructure. Cloudendure Disaster Recovery allows for a pilot light approach whereby the data is replicated to another zone but the compute resources are switched off and are only deployed when a failover occurs. As such, this solution allows KSK to recover their applications quickly with minimal costs.

The Outcome

KSK has now expanded their ecosystem in AWS and started migrating their other workloads to AWS while making use of native services such as container services (Fargate) and databases (RDS). Due to the nature of cloud technology being scalable, low commitment and cost effective, it was a no-brainer for KSK to utilize AWS as a platform for experimentation. This allowed KSK to get comfortable with innovating in AWS, allowing architects and developers to make very low cost investments in testing existing small workloads, new services, or infrastructure as code. Not only has this approach drive comfort with the technologies, but it also creates excitement, curiosity, and understanding within the team, the link for a successful cloud adoption.