Digital Transformation in Today’s Business With G-AsiaPacific

A month had just passed since the Microsoft Discovery Day and we have held another Microsoft event – Digital Transformation in Today’s Business with G-Asiapacific. We are glad to have Microsoft’s full support for this event, from creating invitation, booking a place, settling the catering etc.

And hello everybody, I’m Jojo, the writer of article and I would like to bring you through what we experienced on that day.

On the 26th of August, it was a hectic day with massive jam, not sure what happened on the road, but SMART tunnel was stucked with cars and everyone of us from G-Asiapacific managed to arrive just on time, around 9am to get things set-up and test run the equipment.

Registration starts at 9.30am, and some of the attendees were around munching their breakfast. Due to the jam, we extended the registration time for another 15 min for attendees to grab some cookies to fill their tummy. Therefore, we start our Keynote at 10.15am. Khim Khoon, Director of Microsoft Partner Sales briefed everyone through about today’s transformation. He also showed us some of the successful customers that move to Microsoft Cloud Technology.

And then, I’m the next presenter of the day, I gave a little background about G-Asiapacific to the attendees and then started with the topic: The New Way of Work Today. During this topic, I point out the generation changes and why organizations need to change as well.

That is my back while presenting 😀

I showed some of the Demo’s on how team can collaborate better that suits how today’s generation way of working. I also showed the new features that Office 365 rolled out recently and attendees seems to take into interest of the new features. Also I have showed some videos on the case studies.

I suppose attendees are amused by what I’m presenting ;P

We had a 10 minutes break time after my session ended, and we continued with the next topic: Business Transformation with G-Asiapac. Toh, our Country Manager was the presenter of this topic.

Here’s Toh, talking through what is Microsoft Azure. PS. Spot the merchandize we gave out for the Q&A’s 🙂

Toh briefed us through on what’s Azure about and what you can do with Azure. He specifically emphasize on scalability of the infrastructure and how cost effective Azure is for an organization. He also pointed out the importance of getting Big Data organized and how moving to cloud can help to organize these data.

The next and last agenda of the day was presented by Gordon, our CTO. The agenda is live demo on Backup solutions & Scalability with Azure. During this session, attendees are very active in our Q&A’s, especially those from technical background. Gordon was happy to answer all the enquiries the attendees questioned. The session extended for about 40 min too due to the Q&A’s.

Gordon, the first guy on the left in the picture is giving a live demo on backup & scalability on Azure.

Before attendees left the room for lunch, evaluation form that were given to them earlier on when they registered were submitted back to us and little gifts of appreciation were given to them.

The event ended with lunch and we were glad to hear from some of the attendees that they have gotten a chance to widen their knowledge on cloud technology.

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