MBPJ Moves Up to Cloud With G-AsiaPacific

Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ or the Council) announced today its decision to adopt Cloud Computing technology – leveraging on Google Apps for Work to harness greater operational efficiency and productivity while improving service delivery.

The move is also aimed at further reducing operating cost by migrating from a CAPEX-heavy legacy infrastructure and systems to an OPEX based, pay-as-you-use on-demand model that will also facilitate greater real-time collaboration between MBPJ staffs through the deployment of new productivity suites and communications tools.

Datuk Bandar for Petaling Jaya, Tuan Mohd Azizi Bin Mohd Zain mentioned that the switch to Cloud was part of MBPJ’s continued transformation and modernisation process and will also resolve many ICT challenges such as hardware maintenance, messaging, collaboration and communication, data storage etc. which will allow the Council to focus on its primary role of serving the public.

“G-Asiapacific has the unique and best of breed cloud transformation methodology that combines multiple cloud processed to our complex business processes. The migration to Cloud drives MBPJ’s key requirement for improved mobility that empowers staff with real-time messaging, collaboration and communication tools as well as real-time sharing of data and information that will empower faster public response and more efficient services. With G-Asiapacific’s unique cloud transformation processes, we also have the flexibility of moving from one Cloud platform to another based on the specific council requirements of our ICT structure with no disruption towards our business critical operations. This is a further advantage,” said Tuan Mohd Azizi.

G-Asiapacific is Malaysia’s only Cloud Agnostic Solutions company- providing all major Cloud brands- Google, Microsoft cloud and Amazon Web Services (‘AWS’) with locally customised cloud transformation processes.

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“To be the first intelligent Cloud enabled City Council reflects our forward-thinking approach to provide the best possible and most cost effective service to the public via new technologies. We always seek to improve and the adoption of the Cloud platform is a reflection of this commitment. The productivity suite that includes email, calendar, cloud storage, video conferencing and more will certainly boost the productivity and capability of our workforce,” added Tuan Mohd Azizi.

According to G-Asiapacific director, Goh Kiang Kian, the initial deployment will be followed by more complex Cloud transformation due to complex traditional on-premise business applications within the city council. This results in a hybrid cloud environment before MBPJ completely moves its infrastructure to the cloud.

“Cloud is the next step in improving and enhancing the way organisations work. This includes City Councils and similar public service organisations that for decades have been looking for a better means to manage their ICT infrastructure and requirements. Cloud once again makes technology a business or service enabler,” said Kiang Kian.

“We are proud of this cloud deployment which adds to our growing of public sector clients including Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS), Suruhanjaya Persaingan Malaysia (MyCC), Perbadanan Labuan, Biotechcorp and Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad, due to the complex traditional on-premises infrastructure” he added.

The adoption of Cloud as the computing model of choice for enterprise business applications is fast on the rise with a record 100% growth since June 2015. This has been observed across all general Malaysian industries, covering local businesses in the private and public sector – including SMEs, governmental bodies and large conglomerates.

As seen in SME Magazine Asia

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